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SPONSORED: How to Incorporate Zero Waste Initiatives in Your Building Design

June 22, 2023  |  11:00 AM PDT/2:00 PM EDT

SPONSORED: Inpro Webinar (Title TBD)
July 25, 2023  |  11:00 AM PDT/2:00 PM EDT
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SPONSORED: Designing ADA-compliant Commercial Showers & Bathrooms
Google the phrase “washroom design trends” and you get results that include – functional design, ADA compliance, low-maintenance materials, privacy, transgender accommodation and warm, high-end feel. This course focuses on commercial washroom and bathroom design, including disability accommodation; bather/use privacy; the problems of mold, mildew and hygiene; and solid surface as a material alternative to help keep bathrooms and showers cleaner. Presented by Inpro. 

SPONSORED: Hospital Privacy Curtains
The cubicle or privacy curtain has been a fixture in clinics, hospitals, and skilled-nursing facilities for decades. They serve a critical function in both maintaining patient and resident privacy and comfort and in adding to a pleasing décor. This course lays out some of the major considerations surrounding the use of cubicle curtains, specifically: the Healthier Hospitals Initiative and chemicals of concern as it applies to privacy curtains; factors in employing disposable vs. washable curtains; enhancing patient comfort and healing by employing a quieter cubicle curtain track. Presented by Inpro. 

SPONSORED: Surface Selection and Its Impact on Health & Wellbeing

SPONSORED: Improving Outcomes in Healthcare Facilities with Mass Notification

SPONSORED: Lighting Design, Well-Being and the Healthcare Environment

SPONSORED: Using Mass Notification to Provide Excellent Patient Care

SPONSORED: Enhancing Safety and Communication in Healthcare with Mass Notification

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