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HCD Virtual plans its educational content to comply with the accreditation requirements accepted by most major credentialing organizations. Because continuing education requirements differ among state and national agencies, attendees should contact their credentialing agencies for specific acceptance requirements. Attendees receive CE credits for participating in virtual conference sessions.

To receive Continuing Education Credits, the following criteria must be met:

  • Conference registration fees must be paid in full.
  • Attendees must attend session in full (i.e. no leaving before the session is over).

All CE provider forms must be completed and legible in order to receive your certificates. Conference attendees who do not fulfill these requirements will not receive a certificate of attendance. There are no exceptions to this policy. Thank you for adhering to these guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE: attendance at the session “Finance for Designers: What CFOs Wish Their Design Teams Knew” will not be reported for CEU credit due to it being held as an interactive meeting instead of a webinar. HCD Virtual is unable to track the duration of time that participants attend the meeting, which is required for CEU credit.


  • CE credits will be uploaded to the AIA transcript system within 4-6 weeks of the close of the conference and you will receive a certificate of completion via email.

Interior Designers

  • This is the ONLY proof of attendance that will be accepted.
  • You will self-submit your credits to the IDCEC system at the conclusion of the conference.
  • If you have questions about reporting your credits, contact the interior design association that is responsible for monitoring mandatory continuing education to fulfill membership requirements.


  • You will self-submit your CE credits to Scantron at the time of your EDAC renewal. Renewal notices with login instructions will be sent from Scantron six months and three months prior to the candidate’s renewal date.
  • The verification form is your proof of attendance in case of an audit.

For questions about CEUs, please email Natalie Gonzalez at



All Association sessions are separate from HCD Virtual breakout sessions. These include any of the PRE-EVENT sessions and sessions that take place on Thursday, November 12. If you attended any of the Association sessions, please see below for their CEU details and contact information.


  • For questions about CEUs, please email Natalie Gonzalez at
  • All sessions are already included in the HCD forms if approved.
    • State of the Science: A Review of Notable Studies Published in HERD
    • Celebrating Design Excellence: That Subtle Degree of Difference
    • Spec It Right: Know Your Durable Coated Fabrics – Reduce Failures and Advance Understanding Using the Durable Coated Fabric Selection Process and Programming Guide


  • For questions about CEUs, please email
  • Complete the AIA verification formRedirects to external site. (be sure to check off the session you attend) and retain it for your records. If watching on demand, please also complete the quizzes for each session. Links to those quizzes are listed below.



    • Titanic Healthcare Shifts That Will Show Up in Tomorrow’s Healthcare Facilities
    • Searching for Goldilocks: Is There a Right Size Hospital?
    • Translating Design into Data: How Spatial Metrics Make for a Better Patient Experience



  • For questions about CEUs, please email Fiore Barbini at
    • Sensory Design: Mastering Acoustics in Healthcare Environments
    • Healthcare Environments: Welcoming the Public with a Sense of Comfort and Security



  • Revisiting Operations as the Primary Driver of Healthcare Design