God’s Kingdom: A Novel

This is a novel I started working on. I had to press the pause button on it because of life's circumstances, and also because I've decided to write a contemporary novel set in Covid times. But it is still on my heart to write this novel and I fully intend to get back to writing... Continue Reading →

English Contributions to the Crusades

This is another guest article by Author Helena Schrader. When we look back on the Crusades, we are more likely to think of the French, who dominated the Christian crusader kingdoms in “Outremer,” than the English. Alternatively, we might think of the Germans, who contributed huge contingents of troops to the First, Second, Third, and... Continue Reading →

Kingdom of Heaven: Fact vs. Myth

My passion for the History of the Crusades was ignited in late fall of 2005 when I first saw the film, Kingdom of Heaven in one of UNBC’s few spacious theatre-type classrooms. I enjoyed that movie so much, I put it at the top of my Christmas wish-list. Much to my delight, I held a... Continue Reading →

7 Myths About the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages as we know them spanned from 700 – 1500 AD. This period in history was colorful and vibrant in many ways, yet dark and ruthless in other ways. Unfortunately, scholars and other popular authors of the early Modern Era (17th and 18th centuries) had focused on the ‘dark’ side of the Middle... Continue Reading →

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