Welcome to Everything Old History. As its name suggests, this blog will cover everything old history, from the time of Christ to 1700 A.D.

Although warfare is of particular interest – it is the hallmark of empire expansion and domination – religion, economics, and politics defined an empire. The kings and emperors who governed made History, but so did many warriors, religious leaders, intellects, artists, and writers.

Everything Old History seeks to delve deep into history, bring it to life, and give it new meaning.

About Deanna Proach

Deanna Proach is the founder and creator of Everything Old History. She holds a Bachelor Degree in History from the University of Northern British Columbia and is currently writing a book titled ‘God’s Kingdom’, a novel that is set in the 12th century during the time of the Crusades.

Everything Old History used to be Crusades and Crusaders, but Deanna felt a strong need to expand her focus to other areas of history as well.

If there is a particular historical theme you would like to read about, contact Deanna at deannaproach@gmail.com.

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